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Strengthen your portfolio with multifamily apartment investments that transform communities.

22% IRR
2.0x EM
8% CoC
20% ARR
22% IRR

Do more with your money.

We believe real estate is a people business. That’s why we’ve made it easy for investors who want to help others, and grow their wealth, to get started in an industry that does both.

APTVEST connects you with exclusive multifamily real estate assets that make a difference. Your investment not only improves the properties – it transforms the lives of residents, helps create communities, and can elevate entire neighborhoods over time.

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We help your investments work for you.

Why multifamily investments?

Hedge against inflation and boost your returns with this valuable asset class.

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Sources: CRBE, 2021, Urban Institute, 2015

multifamily occupancy levels in 2022


new apartments needed by 2030 to meet demand


predicted multifamily 2022 investment volumes

Future-proof your portfolio.

Get strategic and diversify your portfolio with institutional-quality real estate opportunities – minus the institutions. By unlocking direct access to private placement investments, APTVEST simplifies the investment process while maximizing your potential returns.

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Invest smarter.

Take the guesswork out of investment planning and partner with industry pros. With decades of boots-on-the-ground experience, we know commercial real estate in and out. When you invest with us, you get the competitive edge of our expertise, efforts, and capital, all funneled into your success.

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Earn above average returns with investments that match your unique objectives. Each apartment community is evaluated under three primary investment classes to achieve the best risk-adjusted returns and meet different liquidity needs.


Stabilized, cash-flowing assets aimed at modest growth through progressive management.

Risk Profile:
Property Type:
A & B Assets & Locations
Cash Yield:
6%-10%+ Ann.
Equity Multiple:
Hold Period:
5 - 10 Years


Stabilized, cash-flowing assets aimed at healthy growth through physical updates and improved operational efficiencies.

Risk Profile:
Property Type:
A, B & C Assets & Locations
Cash Yield:
6%-10%+ Ann.
Equity Multiple:
Hold Period:
3, 5 or 7 Years


Distressed, underperforming assets or new ground-up developments aimed at high, long-term returns.

Risk Profile:
Property Type:
A, B, C, D Assets & Locations
Cash Yield:
10%+ Yr One or Later
Equity Multiple:
Hold Period:
3, 5, 7 or 10 Years

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