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If investors have learned one thing from the past couple decades, it’s that unprecedented market swings are no longer once-in-a-lifetime events.

Meanwhile, in the private equity markets, the supply for rental real estate is dwarfed by the demand.
As correlations across asset classes increase and true diversification becomes increasingly difficult to achieve, the traditional 60/40 split between stocks and bonds is no longer enough to buffer the losses during economic distress.

With the annual absorption of multifamily units reaching a record high at 617,500 units, 2021 saw a 238% increase in new leases from the year before.

Most commonly found as apartment buildings, or multiple-unit complexes, this form of real estate offers many unique advantages for investors. At APTVEST, we’re committed to providing the knowledge needed to make an educated investment. Explore some of the reasons multifamily apartment investing may be right for you.

The ROI of social responsibility.

Apartments are more than property. They’re someone’s home.

95% of the investors we meet don’t care about this. At APTVEST, we do. We value our residents and are committed to providing them with clean, safe, quality housing that makes them proud to live there.

We invite our investors to recognize the powerful impact their investment plays in the lives of residents and their larger communities. The ROI of helping others is immeasurable.

Generous, truly passive income.

Passive income isn’t just a buzzword in real estate. It’s a viable investment strategy.

Owning a rental property is anything but passive. Purchase, inspection, renovation, vetting tenants, maintenance repairs – the list goes on.

APTVEST does all of the work for you so that your only investment is your capital. Depending on the investment class, the cash yield can be a an above average figure.

Capital preservation.

While most investors want a return on an investment, they also want to protect the capital they’ve worked so hard to earn.

Investing in apartment communities can be a smart defensive strategy for your portfolio. These are typically recession-resistant property types, increasing the likelihood that investors will receive back the amount of their principal investment.

Reduced tax liability.

Beyond cash yield and returns, investing in apartment communities can be valuable to investors by reducing their tax liability.

Through depreciation, capital gains, and the IRS Code 1031 Exchange Rule, the IRS gives an edge to multifamily apartment investors.

Value-add appreciation.

Most property investments will see buy-and-hold appreciation, but multifamily apartment investing often sees greater gains due to the value added to the property.

Through improving business operations, renovations, and responsible maintenance, the property value will increase exponentially, allowing investors to grow their principal investment and receive a multiple on invested capital.

Protection against inflation.

By investing capital in a physical asset, multifamily apartment investing protects against a weak dollar. Even as currency weakens, rents will increase, thereby increasing the income generated by the asset and its overall value.

Greater leverage.

When investing in apartment communities, investors can utilize their leverage to finance a large portion of an apartment community acquisition. This allows investors to purchase a larger property than if they were to pay cash.

That’s why we created APTVEST. When you partner with us, you’re pooling capital with other investors to be part of a larger investment with higher return potential.

Start building your wealth today.

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