Investing shouldn't be a burden.

Our real estate investment platform handles the heavy lifting from search to sell. Explore what else APTVEST can do for you.

We’re leveling the playing field for investors.

Hidden management costs. Sliding advisory fees. It all adds up – and it takes a chunk out of your bottom line.

With APTVEST, you sidestep the expensive middleman and get immediate, direct access to premium multifamily real estate. Whether you’re hoping to diversify your portfolio, or just looking for an easier way to invest, our platform streamlines the process while maximizing your potential returns.

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We’re hands-on so that you can be hands-off.

APTVEST was created for people who want to invest in commercial real estate without the hassle of flipping or operating the property themselves.

Each step of our vertically integrated platform is handled in-house. By streamlining the purchase, renovation, and management of a rental property ourselves, we’re able to ensure the highest standards at the lowest expense to you.

Improved resiliency with our SAFE Method™.

We can’t control the market, but by combining 40+ years of investment expertise with rigorous evaluation, we’ve pioneered a strategy that eliminates as much risk as possible.


Aided by a vast network built from years of trusted experience in the industry, we locate high-potential assets both on and off the market.


We thoroughly vet each property’s viability to ensure the investment meets our criteria; only 1 in 25 will make it through our filter.


We structure the capital stack according to debt amount, equity amount, and partnership interest split.


We map out a plan for the life of the investment: disposition, refinance, hold long term for cash flow, appreciation, and/or tax benefits.

Experience the APTVEST difference.

We’ve combined our expertise with state-of-the art technology to create a frictionless platform that makes investing in real estate simple.

Seamless interface.

Screen investments and sign important documents all in one place.

Transparent process.

What you see is what you pay. No hidden fees, ever.

Timely communication.

Receive updates about your distributions, upcoming milestones, and overall returns.

Start investing in three simple steps.

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