How It Works

Direct Access. Turnkey Apartment Investments. Professional Operators.

With over 35+ years of combined professional apartment investment experience, we created a vertically integrated platform that offers you equal access with no middle man to apartment community investments via The SAFE Method™.

Potential Apartment Community Investments
are Evaluated Under Three Primary Investment Classes

APTVEST seeks to invest in 50 – 200 Unit Apartment Communities.

In our experience, these assets provide lower barriers to entry and better risk adjusted returns.

Core - Yield

Stabilized Cash Flowing Assets with Modest Growth Through Progressive Management

Value Add

Stabilized Cash Flowing Assets with Healthy Growth Through Improving Operational Inefficiencies & Physical Updates


Distressed, Underperforming Non-Cash Flowing Assets or New Ground Up Developments

We Provide Direct Access and a Better Way to Invest in Apartment Communities

We know what it feels like to want a simple way to invest in apartment properties and not have access to transparent, turnkey opportunities.

We Believe...

We fully believe that everyday investors should have a trusted connection that allows them to fulfill their dream of becoming apartment investors.

We Understand...

We understand your need to take as much risk off the table as possible.

We Created...

Which is why we created a platform that offers you equal access to multi-family real estate via The SAFE Method™.

The SAFE Method™ stands for

Source. Analyze. Finance. Exit.

We understand the need to take as much risk off the table as possible.

Which is why we created a vertically integrated platform (Investment, Construction and Management)

all under one roof utilizing this proven method.


We find the investments, whether on or off-market opportunities.


We evaluate validity to ensure the investment meets our criteria; only 1 in 25 will make it through our filter.


We structure the capital stack properly according to: Debt Amount, Equity Amount and Partnership Interest Splits


We map out a plan for the life of the investment: Renovate & Sell, Recapitalize/Refinance, or Hold Long Term for Cash Flow, Appreciation & Tax Benefits.

The SAFE Method™ is an investment strategy created by APTVEST. APTVEST provides the SAFE Method to accredited investors for educational purposes only. The use of the SAFE Method in no way guarantees that any investment you choose to make will be “safe”, as compared to other investment strategies.

3 Steps to Becoming an APTVESTOR

The process is simple — Once you register for access, you’ll have taken the first step to building an investment alongside a partner with a proven track record you can trust knowing we’re investing our own money too.

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Make An Investment

Through private placements, you can grow a confident apartment investment portfolio alongside trusted real estate pros.

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